Sculptural Collection :

- a series of unique, sculptural, jewellery. small pieces of wearable sculpture.

Tunnel Vision Ring

The Tunnel Vision Ring was inspired by the art of lapidary and the refraction of light. The brilliant cut stone shape is the result of a pursuit to find the optimum cut for a stone that refracts as much light back through the top as possible.

The Tunnel Vision Ring features a brilliant cut sapphire but highlights, in a playful way, the tunnelling of light passing through the stone. Having the sapphire set on the side of the ring puts it in a unique position to allow the wearer to view the light shining straight through from top to bottom.

- approx, 30mm high (to point) by 20mm wide and a 3mm sapphire
- ring size, j
- sterling Silver and brilliant cut sapphire
- please contact me if you wish to buy this ring

The pantheon Ring

The Pantheon is a former Roman temple, inspired by the Greek word ‘pantheion’ meaning “temple of all the gods” it is one of the oldest surviving examples of concrete. The huge domed concrete ceiling of the Pantheon is a perfect sphere measuring 43 meters across, constructed from 4500 metric tones of Roman concrete and dates back to 27 BC.

This magnificent Roman temple inspired this ring, constructed from silver sheet and featuring its own concave concrete dome.

- approx, 17mm high by 21mm wide
- ring size, m
- sterling Silver and concrete
- please contact me if you wish to buy this ring

please note - the photo of the pantheon’s domed concrete ceiling is by Lode Lagrainge