Concrete Care…

  • Although concrete is strong, on a small scale it’s not indestructible. concrete is a ceramic like material so Please take care not to drop or knock your jewellery as this may chip or mark it.

  • Prolonged contact with skin can cause a slight discolouration of the concrete due to the natural oils in your skin but this will not harm you or the jewellery.

  • Although water will not damage the concrete it can harm the jewellery's finishing touches, where possible please avoid contact with water.

  • Avoid contact with harmful chemicals, even things like perfume and moisturisers can damage and discolour the concrete.

  • You may want to polish up the metal aspects of the jewellery but please avoid getting cleaning solutions on the concrete as it can discolour the concrete.

  • Otherwise, treat concrete jewellery with just as much love and care as all your other jewellery!

Metal Care…

  • For a simple clean to get rid of dirt, gently brush your jewellery using a soft toothbrush in warm soapy water, rinse in fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth or hairdryer. We recommend doing this in a bowl and not in the sink to avoid the possibility of dropping your jewellery down the drain!

  • Polishing Cloths are great to clean up and remove tarnish from metal jewellery.

  • If your jewellery is heavily tarnished we would recommend speaking to the jeweller who made it for advise, different metals and finishes will require different treatments.

  • Brass jewellery can be polished up using a small amount of Brasso on a soft, clean, cloth. Please follow the instructions provided with the brasso.

General Care Tips…

  • Storing jewellery in an airtight container will prevent it from tarnishing too quickly.

  • Avoid getting jewellery wet where possible; remove when washing up, bathing, showering or swimming.

  • Avoid contact with harmful chemicals, even things like perfume, moisturisers and shampoos can damage jewellery, particularly plated or oxidised jewellery.