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Ring Sizing

Here are two useful options for a DIY ring sizing... 

Option 1 – Inside Circumference

  • Wrap a piece of string tightly around the bottom knuckle of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. (Remember, the ring has to get over your knuckle)
  • Hold the string in place by bracing it with the surrounding fingers then with a pen mark a line where two ends of the string meet. (See image above)
  • Unroll the string and measure the distance between the two marks, by gently placing the string next to a ruler.
  • This is your Inside Circumference; use the chart bellow to convert this into your ring size.


Option 2 – Inside Diameter

  • Find a ring that you already have that fits the finger you wish to wear the new ring on.
  • Place the ring over a ruler and measure the inside diameter of the ring, the widest point from one side of the circle to the other. (See image above) 
  • This is your Inside Diameter; use the chart bellow to convert this into your ring size.


  • Please remember this is JUST A ROUGH ESTIMATE, make sure you read our Terms & Conditions about ring sizing before placing your order.
  • rpj rings come on a very slim band. Thin bands tend to feel bigger when on, so if you are in doubt about a size we would recommend going for the smaller one.
  • For more guidance on ring sizing please see this useful website - The Official International Ring Sizing Conversion Chart.
  • If you require a size that we do not stock or you are in doubt about anything please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page and we will do our best to help.